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The Rise of Liquid Death

You might have seen it in grocery stores, concert venues, and even bars; the popular canned water called Liquid Death. How did it get so popular so quickly though? The power of branding is extremely influential in design, and it's a genius marketing strategy that is employed by practically every company in the world.

If you haven't heard about it yet, Liquid Death is essentially just canned water, offered in black and white cans (sparkling and still). Bottled water has existed for about as long as capitalism has existed in the United States. How on Earth could putting it in cans be such a clever idea that generated about $263 million in 2023 according to Forbes?

The answer is the look and feel of the can; it's design and branding makes it perfect for many contexts. For example, if you want to look "cool" at a concert, it's much easier to do so drinking a can with a flaming skull on it than a plastic bottle, even if they are the same product at the end of the day.

It's no wonder how the Liquid Death team earned that much revenue in a single year, and it's all thanks to graphic design and branding at the core of the product.

*This post was in no way endorsed or sponsored by Liquid Death, I simply admire good design when I see it.

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