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View a collection of my projects from throughout my career as a graphic designer. Click on one of the project images to view more details about each one.

Bagel Box.jpg

Branding | Logo Design | Packaging

Sunrise is a bagel and breakfast sandwich bakery that focuses on quick on-the-go meals that are perfect for early mornings.

As featured in The Best Fast Food Logo Designs
by DesignRush.

Branding | Logo Design | Packaging

A unique cold brew company inspired by each of the four natural elements.

Wellness Box Logo

Wellness Box

Packaging | Web Design | Branding | Photography

A subscription box kit that focuses on improving mental health and wellness. Each box comes with a unique theme and five different items that connect to each of the five senses to help ground the mind and body. Click here or on the image to visit the website.

Typography | Layout | Digital Illustration

A set of completely redesigned and reimagined alternative book covers for Lord of the Flies, Fahrenheit 451, and The Hunger Games.

Book Cover Mockup
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